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How to set up MET/TEAM Procedures

How to set up different format calibration files to MET/TEAM, there are two major steps you need to follow:

Create a new MET/TEAM Procedure

Associate the Procedure to a MET/TEAM Type


Below are the details for each step. 

A. Create a new MET/TEAM Procedure.

When adding a procedure in MET/TEAM, certain fields must be set, depending on the procedure type, to ensure that procedures launch correctly during service.

The following table describes the necessary field settings/contents for each type of procedure. For a detailed explanation of configuring a given type, click on the link in the Procedure Type column.

    Procedure Screen Fields
Procedure Type Comments Procedure Name Data Sheet Procedure File Category (Proc)

(Not supported in MET/TEAM 2.2 and above)

MET/CAL procedure using the old proc.dir format Instrument Line from
MET/CAL procedure
PXE MET/CAL procedure using the new PXE format Unique Name/Version
/Revision Combination
Manual Template Procedure that uses the MET/TEAM-based Manual Template for measurement recording Unique Name/Version
/Revision Combination
Manual Template
PDF or Word Doc Not MET/CAL
Excel Datasheet Procedure that uses an Excel spreadsheet to record measurements Unique Name/Version
/Revision Combination
Excel file PDF or Word Doc Not MET/CAL


Placeholder procedure to denote that the equipment is sent to a subcontractor for cal "Send to Contractor"
or similar
3rd Party Executable Procedure that launches a 3rd party program Unique Name/Version
/Revision Combination
Batch file that launches
the correct program
PDF or Word Doc,
as necessary

Any files mentioned in the table must be added to the MET/TEAM database with the Maintenance>Files menu.


B. Associate a Type to the newly created procedure file.

1. Go to Maintenance->Types, Find a Type (existing or create new) to associate with this procedure. 

2. In the "Add Type" for adding a new type or "Edit Types" window for existing Type, under the "Procedures" tab, click the small Add button, "Add Procedure Link", on the right to pop up the "Add Type Procedure Default" window.

3. Click the ellipses for the "Procedure Name" textbox to bring up the "Find Procedure" window. Click Find button, then chose the added Procedure, "test". And double click that procedure. 

4. In the "Add Type Procedure Default" window, from the "Service Type (TPD)" dropdown listbox and chose "Calibration".


Note that the Default Procedure on the Work Order will be the top Active one in the procedure list under the Procedure tab for this Type.


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