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6270A Pressure Controller Setup in COMPASS for Pressure

The 6270A pressure controller can be setup as an Autodetect device in COMPASS for Pressure v5 and higher. This is the preferred method to use a 6270A in COMPASS for Pressure. Here's a screen-shot of that (with the Autodetect button checked). Then just check the settings on the Communications tab. Also note that the highest ranged module should be in slot 1 of the 6270A controller (due to a bug in COMPASS for Pressure that will be fixed).

The 6270A can be used in COMPASS for Pressure v4 and lower as a non-Autodetect device. This setup can also be used in COMPASS for Pressure v5 if preferred. Instructions below are screen-shots from COMPASS for Pressure.

Notes: Revised October 12, 2015 to remove Ready command from 6270A and use COMPASS to determine ready. Also added Test setup information.

6270A Setup as a non-Autodetect (manual) Support Device in COMPASS

In COMPASS for Pressure, make a new Support Device by the [Setup], <Support Device> menu path, then click the blank white paper icon to make a new Support Device. Fill in the blanks and make selections as follows.

This setup goes to 3000 psi but you can edit as necessary on the following screens.

Edit the max pressure as necessary, and the resolution. If you have a very low range PMM like that 2.5K you will want six digits of resolution past the decimal.

Change to absolute mode if necessary. If you want to operate in absolute and gauge mode there are two options:

1. Make this an advanced device and make two outputs that are the same but one is gauge, the other absolute

2. Copy this setup when done, copy it, and change the new setup to absolute.

This is the tolerance for a PM200 module. Edit as necessary.

The Set tab

Back to this screen and click the [Edit Commands] button.

First Set command is to set the new pressure setpoint. Press the black/white disk icon to save it when done.

Click the white piece of paper to make a new command. The second command is to put the 6270A in control mode.

Back to this screen and click the [Edit Vent Command(s)] button. We are not going to setup a "Ready Status" command and will let COMPASS determine Ready/Not Ready during tests. See information at the end of this Article on setting up a Test with 6270A controller.

Back to this screen and click the [Edit Abort Command(s)] button.

Here's the Comments tab

Press the black/white disk icon to save the setup.

Test setup with 6270A as reference device and controller in COMPASS

In COMPASS for Pressure, make a new Test by the [Setup], <Test> menu path, then click the blank white paper icon to make a new Test. Alternately edit or copy an existing test.

Fill in the blanks and make selections as follows. These instructions will only show the screens and sections that are specific to use with the 6270A controller.


Choose the 6270A as the Read (reference or measure) and the Set (control) device.

Note that I setup the 0 psi points as ATM points because I don't want the 6270A to control to 0 psi gauge. Because the 6270A is setup with a Vent command, COMPASS will vent the 6270A at these points. Set these as ATM points by hovering the cursor over the point number until the cursor changes to a hand, then left-click the mouse and select "ATM Point". This will insert a point so if you already have a zero point delete the zero point.

Here is the Set tab. For "Ready Criteria" choose "COMPASS". COMPASS will ready the reference pressure (the 6270A) and ensure that it is within the "Hold Limit" and "Stability Limit" for the "Ready Hold Time" to determine Ready status and to proceed from the pressure generation/control status to the Dwell time or Data collection process. In this example we chose a stability limit that is 10 times better than the specifications of the DUT that will be calibrated. Click the blue/white question mark icon to open the COMPASS Help File to read more about this. The information in the Help File is on the "Test Point Sequence" link and then the "Test Points Sequence, [Set] Child Tab" link.


During Test Initialization the 6270A will be selected as the "Reference Pressure" and the "Test Pressure Control" device.

The 6270A screen will look this. There is no [Load Settings] button because it's not an Autodetect device.

Here is a view of the 6270A window when running a test. Note that the Green circle for Pressure indicates that COMPASS has determined that the Ready criteria has been met.

Here's a view when it's setting the 10 psi gauge point. The pressure is not within the Hold Limit, nor is the Stability Limit being met, so the circle is red. See the COMPASS Help File for more information on this. The other indicators are based on DUT status.

Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or call +1.877.355.3225



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