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Macros: Offset & Slope Calculation Macro for COMPASS Report Editor

Use these Report Field macros to calculate Offset and Slope values from the Reference and DUT data in a data file. You can choose to use DUT final or raw output data, or both.

You will have to add both macros to COMPASS via the [Tools], <Edit Macros> menu path in the COMPASS Report Editor. This path will open the COMPASS Macro Editor where the macros can be added.

In the Macro Editor, if not already selected, expand and select "Report Field" macros. Click the "New Macro" icon (blank piece of white paper) and replace any macro text with the text from the below pdf documents. Then add the macro name to the Title box, and save by clicking the "Save Macro" icon (floppy disk). 

Then close the Macro Editor and return to the Report Editor with the desired template open. Put the cursor where you want the offset value to be, then double-click the Field Macro "LinearFit_Offset" to add the value calculated by the macro there. Do the same for the slope value "LinearFit_Slope"

A sample data file is also below, along with a sample template and the calibration report generated with this template and data file.

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