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2400 Hydraulic Piston Gauge Manual and Information (Archive)

Below is an archived, uncontrolled copy of the user manual and other documents.

The 2400 is discontinued and has reduced support capability from Fluke Calibration. Replacement is the PG7302 Piston Gauge.

The 2400 was the original of the high pressure liquid filled deadweight testers by Ruska. The cylinder (of the piston-cylinder assembly) is mounted inside a cylinder mounting bushing that is custom machined to match the mounting post. Because of this, when a type 2400 PCA is calibrated it must be done in its matching mounting post. If you are sending a 2400 PCA in for calibration you must also send the 2400 deadweight base, or remove the mounting post from the base and send it.

The later 2450 and 2480 deadweight testers use a difference PCA design that is not matched to a bushing and mounting post.

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