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6270A & 2271A Pressure Measurement Module Calibration Kit

A Pressure Measurement Module Calibration Kit (Calibration Sled) is available if you would like to calibrate PM600 or PM200 modules outside of the 6270A or 2271A pressure controller. The kit includes a mains power supply adapter, a null modem cable (DB9-F to DB9-F), a null modem USB to RS232 adapter cable (and driver CD), and a plug for the REFERENCE port (for use when calibrating PM200-A100K, PM200-A200K or BRM600-BA100K modules). The TEST and REFERENCE pressure ports are 1/4 inch NPT. COM settings are: baud rate 9600, parity none, data bits 8, stop bits 1, handshake: none. Commands sent to the kit should be terminated with CR and LF. The replies from the kit are terminated with CR. The reply to a *IDN? query is "Fluke, Model #, Serial #, etc”. See other commands and descriptions below.

Part Number: 4456687 

If you need the driver for the USB-RS232 adapter see this article, USB to null modem RS232 adapter

Contact the Fluke Calibration Orders Team by email at FCAL Orders Team or by calling +1.877.355.3225

Note: Commands below are in quotes for clarity of what the full command is. Don't send quotation marks.

To read the current pressure send "VAL?" command. The reply will be the value and current units.

To read the serial number send "*IDN?" command. Reply is "Fluke, Model #, Serial #, software version, model, memory. Example reply is FLUKE,PM600-A20M,9990101,1.00,PM600,64K

Whenever you make changes to settings you must send “CAL_STORE” to save to memory. If not, and power is cycled, the value will not be stored.

To read the pressure unit send "PRES_UNIT?" command. The return is the pressure unit.
To set the pressure unit send "PRES_UNIT x" where "x" is KPAL (for kPa), PSI or BAR

C0 (Pressure Adder)
To read C0 send “OFFSET_SET?” The return is in psi.
To set C0 send “OFFSET_SET x” where “x” is a decimal or integer in psi.

C1 (Pressure Multiplier)
To read C1 send “GAIN_SET?” The return is a unit less decimal.
To set C1 send “GAIN_SET x” where “x” is a decimal (multiplier).

ZOFFSET (zero offset or Autozero)
To read ZOFFSET send “UCOEF_SET[0]?” The return is in psi.
To set ZOFFSET send “UCOEF_SET[0] x” where “x” is a decimal or integer in psi.

Autozero (Zeroing function)
The following user command zeros the test sensor to the value given, or can reset the existing zero offset prior to calibrating the sensor.
To read the previously sent ref value send "TEST_ZERO?
To zero the sensor send "TEST_ZERO ref" where ref is the reference pressure in psi. Set ref to zero (0) for gauge mode sensors.
To clear the zOffset (Autozero) value send "TEST_ZERO RESET"

To read cal date send “CAL_DATE?” The return is a string.
To set cal date send “CAL_DATE mm/dd/yy”. Ensure that the format matches that of the reply above.

To save changes to memory send "CAL_STORE" command

Whenever you make changes you must send “CAL_STORE” to save to memory. If not, and power is cycled, the value will not be stored.

The PMM Calibration Kit is just like a bay in the 6270A or 2271A pressure controller. Remove the Pressure Measurement Module from the bay in the 6270A or 2271A pressure controller and insert it in the same way into the PMM Calibration Kit.

For advanced use with COMPASS for Pressure see this article,
Macros: PM200 and PM600 - Fully Automated Calibration

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  • Avatar
    Alec Zhou

    What's the difference between 'C0' and 'ZOFFSET'?

  • Avatar
    Kyle Clark

    CO is the adder (also called offset or PA) calibration adjustment value. C1 is the multiplier (also called slope or PM) calibration adjustment value. zOffset (called Autozero in the 6270A manual) is the same as C0 but is intended to be adjusted between regular calibrations. After a regular calibration the zOffset value is always zero because the adjustment is done with the C0 value. If configured, the 6270A will automatically adjust the zOffset value of modules.

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