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How to find and download Gold procedures from MyMetSupport.

You have registered on MyMetSupport.  You have clicked on the Procedures link.


Now you can search and download or add to a download cart.  

Let's start with the search feature:  

By default, if you enter no search criteria, all of the procedures will be listed.

But to find procedures more easily, enter search criteria.  In many cases less is better.  So Manufacturer and a partial model number may give you what you want whereas a manufacturer and full model number may give you fewer results, due to incorrect model number entry, spacing, dashes in the model number, etc.

In this example, I entered "Fluke" as the Manufacturer and "123" as the Model.

You can also click on any of the column headings to sort, "Model" for example (if your search criteria was in the "Manufacturer" field you can refine your sort a bit more).  

Now that I have found what I want I can check the exact procedure, or procedures and press the "Add Selected Procedures to My Cart" button. I can also click the top button next to "Manufacturer" and select all results in my filter as shown below:

Now I can go look at my cart or just go back to the search page to look for more procedures.  I can put as many items as I need in my download cart, but only 100 will download at a time.  Here is my cart.  Remember, If I check the top box next to "Procedure Name" that will select all of them again.  Or I can just check the individual procedures I need now.



Now I can click on the "Download Selected Procedures button to receive the procedures.

You will receive all of the procedure files in a zip called "".


You can also look at just New or Updated Procedures.  This tab will show you only procedures that were added in the last mass upload from the procedure writing team. 


Now that your procedures are downloaded, you can extract the zip file and start installing them.  For information on procedure installation click here:

 How to Install downloaded procedures

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