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Steps to configuring an 8845A or 8846A to communicate over a LAN

  1. On the 884X, press the INSTR SETUP button
  2. Press F1 (PORT IF)
  3. Press F5 (SELECT PORT)    Do not just select LAN. You MUST press F5 to change the port.
  4. Press F3 (LAN) If LAN is not available, then you must change the language to 8846. (FLUKE 45 and 8842 Language not supported in LAN)
  5. Press F3 (to setup LAN)
  6. Press F1 (DHCP) until it is highlighted
  7. Select the BACK button
  8. Connect the LAN cable, if not already connected.
  9. Cycle the power on the 884X. (To cycle power use the switch on the back, near the AC input, turn it off and then back on.)
  10. Press INSTR SETUP
  11. Press F1 (PORT IF)
  12. Press F3 (LAN, Should still be highlighted from previous setup)
  13. Press F2 (IP_ADDR)
  14. Note the IP Address. You will need this address for the NI VISA set up so write it down if necessary.
  15. Press the BACK button
  16. Press F5 (MORE)
  17. Press F3 (PORT #)
  18. Note the port number shown (should be 03490)
  19. Press the BACK button, until you are back to the measurement functions

NOTE:  To avoid unpredictable operation, send a SYS:REM command to the Meter before sending or receiving data over the RS-232 or Ethernet interface.


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    Kiriakos Triantafillou

    Are we going to see a NEW dedicated data logging software for the 8846A within 2020 ?

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