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7250, 7252, 7750, 7350, 7615 battery part number

Below is information on the battery for a 7250, 7252, 7050, 7052, 7615, 7350 or 7750 controller that is on the CPU card. If you are losing the system date/time the battery should be replaced. Follow the <Menu>, <Setup>, <System> path to check the date and time.

Part Number: 2135249
Description: (P28051187), BR2330 3V LI25MAH BATTERY"

The generic part number is BR2330 and you can find many sources with a Google search, or Amazon, or sometimes at your local big-box retailer, drug store, or battery store.

Parts can be ordered, or quotes obtained, by calling +1.877.355.3225 or emailing FCAL Orders

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