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P3000 Series Deadweight Testers - Uncertainty Analysis

See this paper for an Uncertainty Analysis for P3000 Series Deadweight Testers

Here's the link to the paper on the Fluke Calibration web site,

Also see this webinar,
Sources and Improvements of Deadweight Tester Uncertainty Specifications 

Covers these models of deadweight testers (DWT):
P3011, P3012, P3013, P3014, P3015
P3022, P3023, P3025
P3031, P3032
P3111, P3112, P3113, P3114, P3115, P3116
P3123, P3123, P3124, P3125
P3211, P3213, P3214
P3223, P3224
P3830, P3840, P3860

Below is an Excel file of Table 3 Full Correction from the Uncertainty Analysis.

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