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MPC1 Manual Pressure Controller - User's Manual and Spare Parts

The MPC1 Manual Pressure Conroller (all models) is no longer available and the replacement is the 3990 Manual Pressure Control Pack. Some spare parts are still available for the MPC1.

The Users Manual can be downloaded from this link, MPC1 User Manual

An o-ring kit is available (link to view/download instruction sheet is at end of this article)

Fluke Part Number: 3070708
Description: SEAL-401828,SEAL KIT, MPC1-1000/3000 VARIABLE VOLUME

Contact the Fluke Calibration Orders Team at or by calling 1.877.355.3225 for a quote, or to order parts.

Note that the o-ring for the equalization valve is 2.5 x 1.8 mm and is Viton, and 80 durometer. You might be able to find this o-ring locally.


Here are some additional specifications





Vacuum to 1000 psi (7 MPa)

Vacuum to 3000 psi (20 MPa)

Approx. Total Volume Change

3.5 cu in. (60 cc)

2.5 cu in. (40 cc)

Mechanical Rotation

31 turns

61 turns

Operating Temperature Range

20 to 120 °F (-6 to 49 °C)

20 to 120 °F (-6 to 49 °C)


0.00025 psi (1.7 kPa)

0.0005 psi (3.5 kPa)

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