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Microsoft Update 3102429 results in an error when exporting to PDF from Crystal Reports

Why are my pdf's not saving cant save pdf reports failed to export report issues saving to PDF SAVE AS PDFS

When trying to export a report to a .PDF file nothing happens OR the user gets the following error:

Report Error; - 999

Error in file................

Operation not yet implemented

  • Microsoft .NET Framework C# applications that were developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and that use SAP Crystal Reports to create reports from raw data generate Crystal Reports error messages.
  • In Crystal Reports version 9 (Crystal 9) and version 10 (Crystal 10), the "export as PDF" functionality fails.
  • MET/TRACK versions: 7.01 through 7.3SP1

This error has been caused by a conflict between a recent update for Windows from Microsoft and Crystal Reports, a 3rd party piece of software we use in MET/TRACK to generate printable reports.

In order to prevent this error from occurring we have supplied some revised font definition files. Once these are installed you will be able to save reports as PDF as normal. Please follow the steps below:


• Once downloaded, right click on the Font.Zip file and click "Extract All....."

• Click "Extract"

• Click "Select All" (CTRL+A)

• Right click on any font file and then click "Install"

• Tick "Do this for all current items" and then click "Yes"

The font definitions will be installed on your PC.

Once the process has completed you will be able export to pdf, publish or email MET/TRACK reports as normal.

With these fonts in place the is no need for you to remove the Windows Update responsible for the original conflict.

Details of Update:

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