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Template information for our email notifications

October 18, 2017: Based on additional customer feedback, Fluke is updating our global email template once again. This template controls the design and appearance of all of our Zendesk email notifications. This template affects all of the brands operating in our Zendesk instance, as well as any trigger or automation that generates an email. This modification will simplify our email’s appearance for the benefit of high security installations that sanitize HTML code from our formatted emails in order to reduce the potential for malicious HTML attacks. This is an advance notification, the changes will go into place later this evening.

June 21, 2017: We have updated our email template after receiving feedback from customers who are unable to view HTML formatted emails. Text-only email clients were presenting users with chunks of HTML code, making our email notifications difficult to read. We have removed this portion of HTML code from the email template and simplified the email template further to eliminate this condition.

Net effect for HTML enabled email clients: the logo image will no longer be present at the top of email notifications.

Net effect for text-only email clients: our messages should be much easier to read than before. You may still see the occasional HTML code for a hyperlink, but the message should be far more readable.



Fluke Calibration just updated our email template a second time to a simplified design that should render better across more devices, browsers, and email clients. A smaller logo and repositioned text make it easier and faster to view our agent's response to your request, which is also easier to view with a white background against light gray borders.

We hope you like this improvement!

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    Chad D.

    We discovered an issue with the new email templates where the hyperlinks in the email body were not working. This issue has been resolved.

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    Linda Yong
    TICKET# 15350 - Re: FW: FEDEX AWB 660408238665 - FTPO1601-0207 - FLUKE RMA 30944466 RE: URGENT: QUOTE: 5520A (S/N: 9600002) Kindly please advise have the unit 5520A done for the calibration?
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    geordano gonell

    hello, I present a problem in my clamp meter FLUKE 375. S/N 30700097WS, what are the steps to resort to the guarantee

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