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Video: 60 Second Drift Test, 2 of 4.

This is Chapter 2 of the four part video series covering FPG8601 Maintenance activities. 


The "60 Second Drift Test" is a method for quantifying the stability of the piston-cylinder.   The piston-cylinder must be both clean and mechanically stable in the mounting post for the FPG8601 to operate within specifications.  It is difficult to casually observe the FPG8601 output and determine if it is stable enough.  Therefore, a method is used to enable data acquisition of the FPG Tools software which logs the raw balance output ("N" value) and plots it.  


The objective is to have a perfectly stable FPG "N" output.  This is rarely possible, therefore the criteria is expanded to have the balance fluctuations be no more than 0.4N peak-to-peak over a 60 second period.  Alternatively, if during  10 to 15 second period of time there is no change (0.0 N) then this also meets the passing criteria of the test.


The test creates a data file which can serve as the proof for having a stable FPG8601.




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