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Macros: Call multiple macros with a single macro

Sometimes you want to use two separate test macros in a test (or Global or other macro types). Sometimes you can combine the macros (or just some of the code from one into the other) but that can get complicated, or just not be possible.

See below for a way to make a new Test macro that calls the two (or more) test macros that you want to use. 

The name of the test macro is Call700P_Unc and it calls a Fluke700CalibrationAdjust test macro and a UncCalc test macro.

Here's an image of how it looks in the COMPASS Macro Editor

Here's the text that can be pasted in to a new macro. Rename and call different macros as desired.


Function Call700P_Unc(iT, iL, iC, iP, cTest, cConfig)

     UncCalc iT, iL, iC, iP, cTest, cConfig
     Fluke700PCalibrationAdjust iT, iL, iC, iP, cTest, cConfig

End Function

For assistance contact Fluke Calibration Technical Support at the below link or by phone at +1.877.355.3225


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