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7012 Bath displaying "PSUP" message

Applies To:   Bath models 7008, 7011, & 7012


Problem Description:   

Bath displays an error message of PSUP.  The PSUP error is caused by the MCU supervisor sensing that the DC supply voltage is too low.  It could be caused by the AC line voltage being too low or the resistance in the power cord or mains circuit being too high.


Resolution/Work Around:   

Check that the incoming AC Line Voltage meets the specifications of the bath.  Make any necessary adjustments to the AC circuit to correct a low voltage situation.  This may include connecting the bath to an AC circuit dedicated to the use of the bath only.


Check the AC Power Cord for damage and that proper connections are being made between the AC power outlet and the bath.


Check the contact resistance of the Power Switch and the Power Relay.  A contact resistance of less than 1 Ohm is considered good.

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