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Application Note: Evaluating Piston-Cylinder Cleanliness

Evaluating Piston-Cylinder Cleanliness

Oct 2011


Scope:  Applicable to 10 kPa/kg piston-cylinders


The piston-cylinder must be performance tested before fully reassembling the PG7601 System – ie: putting the mass set and the AMH-38 back on.  After the piston-cylinder module is reassembled, it must spin for 60 seconds without assistance. This is a Go / No-go test.  A stop watch is required for the test.


The article is written for systems with an AMH-38 but it can be used for manual mass set systems.  The test should be performed with a minimum mass condition which for a manual mass system is the mass of the piston and the mass carrying bell -- approximately 0.8 kg.


To Test:

  1. Install the P-C module into the mounting post.
  2. Place the spindle on top of the piston cap, and slide the mass bell down over the assembly.
  3. Use the manual “up / down” control buttons on the pressure controller (ie: PPC3 or PPC4) front panel to manually float the piston. This test is performed with only the mass of the piston, the cap, the spindle, and the mass bell.
  4. Press the [SYSTEM] button on the PG7000 Terminal to view the rotation speed.
  5. Manually spin the piston to just beyond 100 rpm - use a gloved hand to spin it.
  6. Begin timing when the speed drops to 100 rpm. Continue to time until the piston rotation comes to a complete stop.


PASS = 60 seconds or more to spin from 100 to 0 rpm

FAIL = less than 60 seconds.


If the piston fails to spin for longer than 60 seconds, then it is not sufficiently cleaned.

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