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How can I query the 5700A over the IEEE to determine if it is an EP (Enhancement Performance) unit?

Send the following command




in the response string returned.

Response (String, string, 0, string)
A message containing four fields separated by commas, as follows:
1. Fluke
2. Model number (5700A or 5720A)
3. Serial number
4. Three firmware versions: one each for the Main CPU, the Inguard CPU, and the Boost CPU. Each version is separated by a plus (+). If no amplifier is attached then its position (third character) contains an asterisk (*).


Example 1:


Example 2:

   FLUKE,5700A,3248016,LEP 1.6+B+*



On the *IDN? response the 4th comma separated value (firmware rev)  

If the 2nd and 3rd characters in the firmware version are "EP"

then it is a 5700A/EP unit (upgraded 5700A to performance of a 5720A).


So Example 2 above is an EP unit.


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