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molbox1 User Manual - for firmware versions version 5.20 to 5.20c

Click the link below "manual molbox1 2005.pdf" to view or download a molbox1 manual for molbox1 terminals with firmware versions 5.20 to version 5.20c (circa 2005 to 2009).

If your molbox has firmware version 5.40 or higher then use the current molbox1+ manual that can be downloaded at this link, molbox1+ manual. molbox1 v5.40 firmware corresponds to molbox1+ v6.00 firmware and the menus, warnings and functions are the same.

If you have a molbox1 with front panel buttons that are real buttons (that push in and come back out) then see this manual,
molbox1 User Manual - for front panel buttons that push in (not membrane style)




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