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PPC3 Control Module Valves

Valves can be identified by the valve numbers that are on the wires going to them. See this article for view of the valves,
PPC4, PPC3, PPC2+, PPC2-AF - Valve inspection

If you have a leak it is most often the VENT valve (5) or a down valve (3 or 4) that are leaking.

Q-RPT module valves are not shown but are as follows:
Valve 7 - Low Q-RPT vent valve (protects low Q-RPT is valve 8 leaks)
Valve 8 - Low Q-RPT isolation valve (closed when hi Q-RPT is being used)
Valve 9 - TEST(-) vent valve. In normal operation with BG or G Q-RPTs, this valve is
closed during fine pressure control.

PPC3 Manual can be viewed or downloaded here,

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