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2426 and 2427 Hand Pump Info

See some pdf documents at the links at the bottom of this page

Old models of these hand pumps used Chevron/Teflon packing seals. Newer (and upgraded) models have Polypak seals.

A variety of seals are available for 2426, 2427 and 2428 pumps.

15 and 20 kpsi pumps use Ruska PN 72-38 that is a Polypak seal, and is Fluke PN 3910853 with description 72-38,SEAL .75 OD X .50 ID. We no longer sell or have stock of this seal. The OEM is Parker Seal and their PN is 12500250V-250B Z4653

40 kpsi pumps use Ruska PN 72-41 that is a Polypak seal and is Fluke PN 3910882 with description (72-41),SEAL .625 OD X .375 ID, POLYPAK. Our service department in Phoenix, Arizona usually has stock. The OEM is Parker Seal and their PN is ​4653-12500-375V-250B

Note that seal spacers in the below kits are likely not available unless the hand pump is sent to our Phoenix, Arizona, USA service lab where we may be able to custom machine one.

Fluke PN 3872054 but is no longer available as a kit. See below for individual parts and their availability.
The old Ruska PN is 2426-800-40805 with description, KIT, SEAL UPGRADE, FROM PACKING TO POLYPAK
and included these parts,
PN          Qty     Description
3895973    1      2425-1-5,SPACER SEAL -HAND PUMP (no stock and not sold by Fluke Calibration)
3901773    1      2485-900-033,RING, BACK-UP (1/2 I.D. FOR 20 K PUMP), (stock in Phoenix Service)
3910853    1      72-38,SEAL .75 OD X .50 ID, (no stock and not sold by Fluke Calibration)

Fluke PN 3872101
is Ruska PN 2427-800-40807
and includes these parts
PN          Qty     Description
3899551    1      2428-201-003,SEAL SPACER, HAND PUMP 17-4PH (stock in Phoenix service)
3910882    1      72-41,SEAL .625 OD X .375 ID, POLYPAK, 4653-12500-375V-250B (stock in Phoenix service)

Details regarding the comparison of the old versus new 2427 prints.
# 13 (spacer) and # 25 (Polypak seal) in the new print replace # 3 (anti-extrusion ring), 5, 6 and 7 (Teflon packing) in the old drawing. # 8 and # 9 are the same parts.

# 13 is our part number 3899551 with description (2428-201-003),SEAL SPACER, HAND PUMP 17-4PH [ modified 3914046 (800-1092),SS 17-4PH RND 5/8 ER 232 A564-630{17-4PH}H1150 RN].

Here is a photo of old style seals and spacers from a 40000 psi model 2427 hand pump.

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