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What are Ticket CCs?

Ticket CCs are similar to copying someone on an email; it is a way to involve many people in the same conversation. Since Zendesk sends out many different types of email notifications to different groups of people, we list the name of each person CC'd on a ticket in the email notification body. This makes the list of Ticket CCs transparent and known to all recipients, even when the name may not appear in your email client's From: or Cc: fields.

Why is Zendesk such a weird email system?

Zendesk works differently than email since it is not an email system. Many different channels are supported, including email, phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In some cases, ticket updates will not generate email notifications at all and may instead post the update to a Twitter feed or send an SMS text message, depending on how the message was received.

How do I know if Ticket CCs received my message?

Just press Reply or Reply to all and send your message. This will capture your response as a comment in the ticket's history, and redistribute the comment to everyone else on the ticket who has permission to view it.

What if I don't trust this, or don't want to reply to your email notification?

No problem! We actually encourage monitoring your tickets and responding to them via this Help Center. Please see this article for more information:

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