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1586A Thermocouple Cold Reference Junction selection

Applies To: 1586A Super DAQ


Problem Description:   

Selection of the Cold Reference Compensation Junction (CJC) for input channel set-up is not described in the 1586A User Manual.


Resolution/Work Around:   

To choose the type of Cold Junction Compensation for the 1586A to use with a Thermocouple, please do the following:

  1. Press the CHANNEL SETUP button of the front panel of the 1586A
    2. Highlight the channel to edit using the up or down arrow buttons.
    3. Select EDIT CHANnel by pressing the F1 button.
    4. Select ON and then press OK (F4).
    5. Highlight the Thermocouple type to be used and then press OK (F4).
    6. Select CHANNEL OPTIONS (F2)
    7. Locate COLD JUNCTION in the list and highlight its setting.
    8. Select EDIT (F3).
    9. Choose either Internal, External, or Fixed as the Cold Junction Compensation.
    10. Select OK (F4).

    You may now choose to store this configuration in the Probe Library for future use.  Otherwise, this setup is complete.
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