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6270A Ethernet (TCP/IP) - Also for 2271A/8270A/8370A

This was tested with a direct connection between a laptop running Windows XP and the 6270A pressure controller with a patch cable (not a cable that is used to connect a computer to a modem, router or network access point). Contact your IT department if you have difficulty communicating through your corporate network.

This was tested with freeware terminal software from

It was also tested with with the Remote Communications Tool from Fluke Calibration COMPASS for Pressure calibration software (version 4.2 and lower).

Follow the Setup -> Diagnostic -> Remote Interface -> Ethernet menu path to view the applicable spy window in the 6270A. This shows that the *IDN? command was received and how the 6270A replied.


Contact Pressure Support at the below link or by calling +1-877-355-3225.


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