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How to Rename an XSD-based Crystal Report

This article will explain the steps that must be followed to properly rename an XSD-based Crystal Report.

Whenever you modify a default report, it is recommended that you rename it to protect the file. If a MET/TEAM update contains a new version of one of these default reports, it will overwrite the file, so renaming the report will prevent you from losing work.

  1. Save the report with a new name. In this example, RecallNoGroup.rpt is going to be renamed to RecallNoGroup_Zendesk.rpt.
  2. Log in to MET/TEAM as an administrator.
  3. Go to Configure -> System Defaults.
  4. Search for the System Default for your report and change its value to the newly modified name.
  5. Attempt to print the report in MET/TEAM. It will fail with a database logon error (this is expected!). However, MET/TEAM will also generate a new XSD file that uses the new file name.
  6. Open the report in Crystal Reports.
  7. Go to Database -> Set Datasource Location....
  8. Expand Create New Connection -> ADO.NET (XML). A connection window will pop up.
  9. In the File Path field, find the XSD file that was just generated by MET/TEAM. You can find it in the same directory as the report itself. Click the Finish button.
  10. Now that the connection has been created, you can make the swap by selecting the original connection in the upper panel and the new connection in the lower panel, and clicking the Update button.
  11. Save the report and try printing it again in MET/TEAM. It should now print without issue.
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