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RPM3 (and molbox RFM) spare parts, & power pinout

Note that RPM3 has been discontinued and replaced by RPM4


Fluke PN (DHI PN) Description

3071562 (402117) REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY KIT, REPAIR RPM3 (no longer available - see attached documents). Replaced by PN 5074259 and 5074271 for replacing Artesyn (not Ault) power supply. Ault replacement kit no longer available.

5074271 POWER SUPPLY,SW,45W,90-264VAC,5V@5A,12V@2.5A,-12V@0.5A,102X51X28MM,CHASSIS MOUNT (for molbox RFM SN 488 and lower the below cable is also needed. below cable is needed for all RPM3 power supply replacements)

See this document regarding power supply replacement. It refers to the power supply replacement kit that is no  longer available,
Replacement Power Supply Kit for RPM3


3137702 (102714) FEET,SET,TILT-UP
3136290 (102337) FAN,TUBEAXIAL,4.6 CFM,5V,80MA,28 DBA,5500 RPM,SQUARE,40X40X10MM,BULK
3125537 (401450) ASSY, ENCL W/FAN, RPM3
3135423 (102066) VFD,DISPLAY,40 CHAR ALPHA-NUM
3146770 (122809) OVERLAY, FRNT PNL, RPM3 (keypad) - no longer available
3146781 (122812) PNL, FRNT, RPM3 (Metal panel under overlay keypad)

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