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E-DWT (and MPG2) - Lubricate variable volume threads

Manually Displaced Variable Volume (MDVV) used in MPG2 and E-DWT

Cleaning and greasing the threads circled in red may lessen noise from the MDVV after continued use. 

Grease with Super Lube Synthetic Grease 21030. Google “Super Lube Grease 21030” and you will find this grease available on Amazon and other locations.

If this does not lessen the noise then an internal bearing may need to be inspected and/or lubricated. If there is test fluid coming from the MDVV or inside the black housing, then the high pressure seals are probably leaking. In either case, the E-DWT or MPG2 should be evaluated and repaired at a Fluke Calibration Service Lab to prevent damage to the piston and body.

Contact Pressure Calibration Technical Support at the below link or by calling 1-877-355-3225

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