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Current version of the MET/CAL Help System

Have you ever wanted a convenient way to view the current MET/CAL Help System, to see new features and read about new help topics? Well, the wait is over. Please find the MET/CAL version 9.1 User Guide and Reference Guide CHM files attached to the bottom of this article.

Of particular interest is a new section in the Table of Contents called Tutorials - How did you do that?, where we will be adding new guides that we hope you find helpful. The first guide, introduced with version 9.1, is titled Implement Measurement Uncertainty in a MET/CAL Procedure. This guide contains very important information about about this subject and what you need to know about using abstraction of MET/CAL functions and uncertainty engine, including tips and tricks for how to avoid unforeseen pitfalls related to settings inheritance.

The download file will be a zip archive. You must extract the zip archive to gain access to the CHM Help System located within.

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  • Avatar
    John Rogers

    Why are these not available in pdf format?

  • Avatar
    Chad D.

    Hi John, the only format available today is the CHM attached to this article. I will log your request with our tech writers to create/produce a PDF version.

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