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Restore molbloc using molTools software and mdb restore file

The attached file "molTools - Instructions to use to restore with mdb file.pdf" shows how to to load a restore file to a molbloc using molTools software (free utility version). Prior software molLoad that was used with brs restore files does not work with 64-bit operating systems (current personal computers and laptops). 

You will need the utility version of molTools software and you will need a .mdb format restore file. A link to download the utility version of molTools is attached to this article. Download it and install to your computer. if you need the .mdb restore file(s) contact Fluke Calibration Flow Technical Support at the link below this article or call at 877-355-3225. Make sure to provide the serial number and model of the molbloc.

molTools requires some of the components from COMPASS for Flow to work properly so if you do not already have COMPASS for Flow, download the demo version of COMPASS for Flow from this link COMPASS for Flow and install it first.

Here is a video showing the installation of a mdb restore file to a new molbloc circuit board. Restoring to an existing molbloc is very similar. 


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