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6270A Service Manual, Spare Parts Info

See the below web page to view or download the Service Manual for the 6270A Pressure Calibrator (updated May 2018 with additional CPS-20M maintenance information). It also includes information on the Contamination Prevention System (CPS-20M) and the Pressure Measurement Module Calibration Kit (PMM-CAL-KIT-20M). At the back of the manual are drawings with part number call-outs.

See the pdf attachment at the end of this article for a useful schematic from the Service Manual (with more notes added to it).

*** Known changes to above Service Manual document:

  1. PMM O-ring 1785510 has been changed to 4621608 (same o-ring as PCM)
  2. Front Panel Bezel with Decal 4815334 is not available, but consists of these two parts that are available:

               Part Number: 4488588
               Description:6270A-8001,DECAL, CHASSIS, FRONT PANEL, MODEL 6270A

               Part Number: 4380004
               Description :6270-2013,FRONT PANEL BEZEL


A separate article is here for additional information on maintenance of the CPS,
6270A & 2271A - CPS-20M Maintenance


6270A Operation Manual (updated April 2018) and Programmer's Manual are available on this page, 


Here is information on a User Seal Kit for 6270A
Part Number: 4584797
Description: 6270-SK-USER,6270 SEALS, USERS KIT

It includes 10 black o-rings for PCM and PMM, and 12 white/clear o-rings for PCM and PMM. These are also available separately.
Part Number,  Description
1785485, 759270-501,O RING -008 70 DUROM 0.176 ID .070 W BUNA  Y        
4621608, O-RING,AS568A-006,.114 IN. ID,.254 IN. OD,.070 IN. W,POLYURETHANE,A90 DURO  


Sample page from Service Manual


Port Manifold:  New guide bushings and o-rings might be required when replacing a port manifold.  These parts are common to the NPT, BSP and 7/16-20 manifolds.

Bushings, quantity 2 each, Part Number: 4404143
O-rings, quantity 5 each,  Part Number: 1785485

NPT Port Manifold, Part Number: 4379983
BSP Port Manifold, Part Number: 4379990
7/16-20 Port Manifold, Part Number: 4454164





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