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6270A Service Manual, Spare Parts Info

See the below web page to view or download the Service Manual for the 6270A Pressure Calibrator. It also includes information on the Contamination Prevention System (CPS-20M) and the Pressure Measurement Module Calibration Kit (PMM-CAL-KIT-20M). At the back of the manual are drawings with part number call-outs.

See the pdf attachment at the end of this article for a useful schematic from the Service Manual (with more notes added to it).

*** Known changes to above Service Manual document:

  1. PMM O-ring 1785510 has been changed to 4621608 (same o-ring as PCM)
  2. Front Panel Bezel with Decal 4815334 is not available, but consists of these two parts that are available:

               Part Number: 4488588
               Description:6270A-8001,DECAL, CHASSIS, FRONT PANEL, MODEL 6270A

               Part Number: 4380004
               Description :6270-2013,FRONT PANEL BEZEL


A separate article is here for additional information on maintenance of the CPS,
6270A & 2271A - CPS-20M Maintenance


6270A Operation Manual (updated April 2018) and Programmer's Manual are available on this page, 


Here is information on a User Seal Kit for 6270A
Part Number: 4584797
Description: 6270-SK-USER,6270 SEALS, USERS KIT

It includes 10 black o-rings for PCM and PMM, and 12 white/clear o-rings for PCM and PMM. These are also available separately.
Part Number,  Description
1785485, 759270-501,O RING -008 70 DUROM 0.176 ID .070 W BUNA  Y        
4621608, O-RING,AS568A-006,.114 IN. ID,.254 IN. OD,.070 IN. W,POLYURETHANE,A90 DURO  


Sample page from Service Manual


Port Manifold:  New guide bushings and o-rings might be required when replacing a port manifold.  These parts are common to the NPT, BSP and 7/16-20 manifolds.

Bushings, quantity 2 each, Part Number: 4404143
O-rings, quantity 5 each,  Part Number: 1785485

NPT Port Manifold, Part Number: 4379983
BSP Port Manifold, Part Number: 4379990
7/16-20 Port Manifold, Part Number: 4454164





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