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Fuse for many pressure calibration (DHI origin) products

Many DHI model products have the same power entry module (where the main power cord plugs in) with the same fuse in it. There is an active fuse and a spare fuse in the fuse holder section. Here is the information on the fuse.

Part Number: 808055
Description: FUSE ,FUSE,5X20MM,1A,250V,SLOW

It is used in these models:
PPCH, PPCH-G, PPC4, PPC3, PPC2-AF, PG9000 terminal, PG7000 terminal, FPG terminal, VLPC, RPM4 (non-EDWT models), RPM4 battery pack, 4322, molbox1, MFC Switchbox, MFC-CB.

The information for the power entry module is here:

Part Number: 3136592
Description: 102417,MODULE,PWR ENTRY,FILTER

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