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SI 4740 Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump to 10000 psi (700 bar)

The SI 4740 is the same as a Pressurements T1200.

See below pdf manual from 2004. Parts are shown on the last two pages. When requesting parts availability and/or pricing please provide the model, serial number and part numbers. Click the below link to create a ticket or call us at 1.877.355.3225 to request availability or pricing. To place an order call the same number or email to

See the article in this same section for seal kits for deadweight testers.


The 4740 has been replaced by the current model P5514-70M. See P5514 info here,

Most parts in the 4740 and T1200 are different than the P5514 not the ram screw and nut assembly are the same (except for the hub that the handles screw into). 



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