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7350 Pump Position Failure Error 706

The linear potentiometer is the pump position signal.  This signal is read via the 76xx board and coefficients are stored on the CPU board.

Most pump position errors are a result of lost coefficients (require pump calibration), bad board, or where the pump travel has actuated one of the micro switches that limit the travel of the pump.

There are two sets of micro switches on each end of the pump travel.  If the second micro switch is tripped you will need to use the "override" button on the back of the controller, and use the menu below to compress or expand the pump to move it off the limit switch.

  1. Factory Menus must be on
  2. Measure mode
  3. Menu|Test|Pump|Edit|Enable
  4. While pushing the small button in the rear panel of the 7350 "override" also simultaneously select "compress or expand" from the menu to drive the motor off the limit micro switch. Compress = movement toward rear limit switch and expand moves it toward the front limit switch.
  5. Run pump calibration Menu|Test|Pump| Pump Calibration
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