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Well Insulators for Metrology and Field Metrology Wells

Applies To:   Models 9142 Field Metrology Wells, 9170 Metrology Wells, and 9171 Metrology Wells

Problem Description:   Well insulator part numbers are associated with specific insert types (hole patterns) for the Metrology and Field Metrology Wells but are not listed in BOM’s or Shipping Lists.

Resolution/Work Around:    The following list indicates the insert type and its associated Sleeve Insulator item number.  These numbers are the same for each of the Metrology and Field Metrology Wells listed above.


Insert Type:            Sleeve Insulator Item #:

                A                     3728612

                B                      3728620

                C                      3728635

                D                     3728647

                E                      3728658

                F                      3728664

                G                     3728673

                T                      3728686                      (Test)

                Z                      3728601                      (Blank)


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