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Dropping inactive connections in Met/Track

To solve the no license available error, log into Met/Track as the “MT” user.  

Click on “Setup” then “Licenses”. 



The next screen tells you how many licenses you have, the type of license, and how many are in use.



Click on the “Connections” tab.  This screen shows the users that are connected and the application they are using.  Make certain you don't click the "Remove License" button on the Licenses tab.  Once removed you will have to have the original license file to reinstall them.

 Prior to dropping the connection verify that the connection you are going to drop is in fact hung up and not in use.  If you drop a connection that is in use that operator will be disconnected from the database and they will lose all of their work. 

 To drop the connection:

 Select the user connection that needs to be dropped and press the “Drop Connection” button.  This will drop the connection between that workstation and the database and your license error will be solved. 


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