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Menu Security issue with settings not saving

An issue has been identified where MET/TEAM's Menu Security settings do NOT save correctly.

The symptoms for this issue occur when the user attempts to set a menu item to disabled or invisible, they save, log out of MET/TEAM and then back in and find that the settings were ignored and things are still the same as prior to the save.  

In order to perform the steps below you must be able to log in as a MET/TEAM user belonging to the Administrator or Configuration groups.  Additionally you will need to have rights to use SQL Sever Management Studio (SSMS) to run SQL scripts against your MET/TEAM database.

There is a fix / workaround by updating data in the database.  This will fix the issue however it will NOT prevent the issue from happening again in the future.  But there is info at the end of the article to identify when 'corrupt' data is about to be created and how to prevent this from happening. 

Here is the fix for the issue....
First, run this SQL query and it will return records that are capable of causing the issue...

SELECT * FROM UCIData WHERE cModel is NULL and cField LIKE 'mnu%'

NOTE: If you need assistance running a SQL query, please see this article (video):

How to run SQL scripts for MET/TEAM


Next, If records are returned by the above query, you need to review the current menu state in regards to what is hidden and secured.  This is because the records returned make the menu state unpredictable and when removed, the menu state may change.

Once comfortable you can confirm the menu state, you will want to run the following script to remove the identified records:

DELETE FROM UCIData WHERE cModel is NULL and cField LIKE 'mnu%'

At this point you need to re-confirm the menu is in the correct state from a security perspective.  If issues are found, the key to not duplicating the original problem is to note the contents of the "Model" and "Field" data listed in the "Configure Screen - MainMenu".  If these fields are empty as shown below, DO NOT save data.  Instead log out of MET/TEAM and back in, return to the "Configure Screen - MainMenu" screen and the "Model" and "Field" columns should NOT be blank and data will save correctly.

This issue seems to occur if the same menu item is edited multiple times in one MET/TEAM session after opening and closing the "Configure Screen - MainMenu".

Logging out and then back into MET/TEAM will cause the 'empty' columns to again be populated and work correctly.  

This should help resolve menu security issues you may have as well as prevent them in the future.

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