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Mismatched Find Results and resulting display error


If you have a new or recently updated MET/TEAM and the find screens are not displaying the expected data as shown below, then this will address your issue. 

An additional symptom is that when you select a row of data to display, you see a message similar to the ones show below, depending on your browser:




This is caused by an incorrect setting in the MET/TEAM SQL database's settings.  In order to fix this you will need the ability to use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to connect to the SQL instance where MET/TEAM is installed.

1) Once connected to the SQL instance, locate the database used by MET/TEAM which is typically named "metteam" and right click it and select "Properties".

2) In the "Database Properties - ...." window, click on the "Options" page in the top left

3) Locate the "Compatibility level" and verify it is set correctly.
     MET/TEAM version 2.3 and before are set to "SQL Server 2008(100)"

     MET/TEAM version 3.0 and after are set to "SQL Server 2012(110)"

4) Click "OK" to apply the change and close the "Properties" page.

At this point the issue should be resolved.  Log back into MET/TEAM and verify things are working correctly.



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