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Find Asset Screen Stops Working in Chrome Version 65

We've been receiving reports of people experiencing inoperative find screens in the latest, version 65, of Chrome.

Previous Chrome installers will be located on your PC in the following file location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

Copy one of the older version installers (open the version numbered folder and find the Installers folder) to C:\Temp. Then uninstall your current version of Chrome and reinstall from the old installer. Disable automatic updates to prevent the move to Version 65 temporarily until a resolution is found.

Additionally, if your default search criteria was barcode, you can still start typing a barcode and hit enter and it will open the asset you want. The structure of the search is operational. It's just the visualization that is broken.

We are working with software engineering to identify a fix for this issue, but any update would only be for version 2.2 of MET/TEAM, so if you are on an earlier version, you will need to upgrade to the current version to receive the fix.

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    George Bors

    We just experienced this anomaly well. I do not recommend checking your version as when you go to Help>About it will update to the latest version on its own (at least here in our lab).

    Also, how do you go back to a prior version in Chrome?

    We are running Windows 64 Bit machines, but, I just noticed that our IT Group is forcing the 32-Bit version of Chrome.

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    Michael J.

    Hi George,

    I've updated the article with some instructions for finding archived installers on your local system which will allow you to revert your version.

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