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LogWare III Close Open Log Session Instructions

Applies To:  LogWare III version 3.x installations


Problem Description:   When attempting to run LogWare III a message is displayed indicating that there is a log session already open but the Manage Log Sessions tool does not show any.


Resolution/Work Around:   


  • From the start menu open the PostgreSQL 9.2 node under All Programs.
  • Launch the program pgAdmin III
  • pgAdmin program should start.
  • Double click the PostgreSQL 9.2 node

  • When asked for the password, enter the database password. The default password is FlukePGSQLDatabase9!.
  • Expand the tree as shown in the screen shot below

  • Right click on the assets table in the list
  • Select the View Data item in the Popup menu. Then select View all Rows.


  • A new window will appear with the contents of the assets table. Look through the model and serial columns and find the 1620A that is causing the error message
  • Copy the asset_guid for that asset to the clipboard
  • Go to the main pgAdmin III window and right click on the log_sessions
  • Select the View Data item in the Popup menu. Then select View Filtered Rows.
  • Another little window will appear. Type in logger_guid='<assed_guid>' where <assed_guid> is the asset guid copied to the clipboard.
  • Another window will be open with a list of all log sessions stored for that 1620A. One or more of those will be missing a session_end date. Copy the session_start date for each session to the session_end field.
  • Repeat these steps for all 1620As that cause this error.
  • Once complete, close all the pgAdmin windows and try starting a real-time log session again.


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