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PM600 Fast Sensor Calibration Commands with Module in Controller

The fast sensor in a PM600 or PM630 Pressure Measurement Module (not in a BRM600-BA100K module) can be queried or adjusted by sending it remote commands.
If you have the Pressure Module Calibration Kit, and want to calibrate the fast sensor with the module installed in the calibration kit, then see this article,
The fast sensor can be adjusted with the following commands when the module is in a 6270A, 8270A or 8370A controller. The same commands can query the values if followed by a question mark (?). Check the existing value to see what the pressure unit is set to.

<n> is determined by the slot number of the module plus 8 (for fast sensor):
8 for Slot 1
18 for Slot 2
28 for Slot 3
38 for Slot 4
48 for Slot 5



CAL:PRES<n>:VAL1 <atmosphere>

Where <atmosphere> is the current atmospheric pressure. This should be done when the pressure is stable and vented to atmospheric pressure.

CAL:PRES<n>:VAL2 <pressure>

Where <pressure> is the current pressure. This should be done when the pressure is stable and at full scale. This is typically the quartz primary sensor in a PM600 module and is displayed on the screen of the controller.


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