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Using the 1620A on an Ethernet IP network (LAN)

Applies To:  Model 1620A DewK Thermo Hygrometer


Problem Description:   

The LAN port of the 1620A allows it to receive and respond to commands from a remote computer through an Ethernet IP network.  Setting up a LAN interface to work with a 1620A can be confusing. 


Resolution/Work Around:   

  1. Connect a CAT 5 Ethernet cable to the RJ45 socket on the side of the 1620A. The other end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to an Ethernet hub or router.  The RJ45 connector of the 1620A has two LED indicators.  The bottom LED indicates the link state.  It is off if there is no connection, amber for a 10 Mbps connection, and green for a 100 Mbps connection.  The top LED indicates link activity.  It is off for no activity, amber for half duplex activity, and green for full duplex activity.


  1. Switch the 1620A on, if it is not already powered up, and allow it to complete its start-up self-tests.


  1. On the front panel of the 1620A press the ENTER/MENU button to display the Main Menu.


  1. Using the up or down arrow buttons highlight SYSTEM and then press the ENTER/MENU button.


  1. Using the up or down arrow buttons highlight COMM SETTINGS and then press the ENTER/MENU button.


  1. In the PORT selection screen use the left or right arrow buttons to select LAN and then press the ENTER/MENU button. Wait for the LAN Settings screen to update.


  1. The following items should be displayed in the LAN SETTINGS screen: MAC, ENABLE, DHCP, ADDRESS, GATEWAY, MASK, COMMAND and PAGE.


  1. The MAC number is a unique number for the instrument’s network interface. If no MAC number is displayed, the 1620A should be returned to the factory for reprogramming.


  1. The ENABLE should be set to ON in order to allow the LAN interface to operate.


  1. The DHCP should also be set to ON. With DHCP set to ON, the ADDRESS, GATEWAY, and MASK are automatically assigned by the network server.


  1. The COMMAND should be set to ON. This enables access to settings using the communication commands of the 1620A.


  1. The PAGE should also be set to ON to allow the 1620A to serve an HTML web page.


  1. Press the ENTER/MENU button.


  1. Wait for the LAN settings to update and the press the EXIT button three times to return the 1620A to its Main Display.


  1. There may be a delay of several seconds as the LAN port device is updated with the new settings. The 1620A will eventually serve a simple HTML web page that displays basic information, allows readings to be observed, and provides a terminal screen where communication commands may be entered. The 1620A web page may be accessed with an internet browser using the 1620A’s IP address for the URL.



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