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6109 / 7109 Stir Speed Adjustment

Applies To:  Model 6109 & 7109 Micro Baths

Problem Description:   The 6109/7109 Operator only describes how to view this function.

Resolution/Work Around:   

  1. Press the SETUP button on the front panel of the 6109/7109 to access the Setup Menus.
  2. Press the F2 button to select the Instrument menus.
  3. In the Instrument Menu screen press the F4 button for More selections.
  4. In the More selections screen press the F2 button for the Control menu.
  5. To access the Control Menu screen enter the Password. (the default is 1234)
  6. In the Control Menu screen select Stir Speed then press ENTER.
  7. Change the Stir Speed value using the numeric keypad.
  8. Press ENTER to save the changes.
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