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WinPrompt .PC and .MS file corruption/opening

If having issues opening a . PC or MS file in WinPrompt it could be due to wrong date format in the file or the file becoming corrupt for unknown reason. 


The error messages could be Invalid Piston/Cylinder Data (CRC) or similar when trying to open the .PC or .MS file. 

We have had the best luck with a format of 05/07/2018 but 07 MAY 2018 format also seems to work in most cases. Formats such as 07MAY2018 (missing spaces) and 05-07-2018 are known to produce errors, especially in older WinPrompt versions. These files are binary so best to edit them within WinPrompt directly and this also helps ensure no corruption is introduced.

To view and edit a file in WinPrompt you might first want to make a duplicate copy of the original file and place it in location where it can be retrieved incase need to go back to the original. Then open WinPrompt and got to File/Open and select the file. Note the error message displayed and click on OK to get past the error message. The overview screen will then appear and can check the date format. This file does not have any corruption but does have a date format that might not work:

Click in the Date column to edit, change format to the Ex. 05/07/2018 and select Ok. It will then prompt you to save the changes the file.

Can view further info to verify correct information or look for other type of corruptionion by clicking on View Details. This file below looks good. Have seen cases where corruption caused for example no entry in the Medium selection:

Below is an example of a corrupt file. The Model Number field should not also have the Serial Number and similar issue with the Serial Number field. The comments are also corrupt and should be removed. If typing or clearing text to correct a file like this there might also be further text outside the width of the field so backspace to remove all and/or double click in the field multiple times to help find further non-visible text. If you can't type in a field it could also be an indication there is further text out of view that needs to be removed first. 



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