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Limiting Work Order Searches to a Specific Lab


You may have a MET/TEAM installation that is used by multiple labs in a single location or multiple locations that share a single MET/TEAM.  If this is the case, users may want to be able to do a quick Search on just the Work Orders that belong to the Lab to which they are logged into, without having to set up anything special in the Search Criteria.  In addition, administrators may want their users to have Work Order Search access only to the Labs to which they are assigned.  

If you were a MET/TRACK user previously this will give you much of the same functionality that setting up Segregates did.   

To set this up, log in as an administrator and do three things: 


1) Make sure your user is assigned to one or more facilities that are marked as "Labs".  For assistance with setting up facilities as Labs see this article: Adding Labs in MET/TEAM.  To check the Labs to which users are assigned click Setup>Users, search for and select the desired user to edit.  This particular user is assigned to Lab2 and Lab3 as shown in the grid at the bottom.

2) Go to workflow>work orders and in the find page, right click the "Working Lab" check box as shown below.  Check the "Mark as Default" box.   Next time any user logs in and searches for work orders, the "Working Lab" check box will be checked and the "Find Work Order" page will show only work orders where the "Working Lab" matches the lab that the user is currently logged in to.  Since this user is assigned to two labs, he/she will have to pick one lab of their labs at login.  It is not possible to control the security and allow the user to view all their labs at once, they will only see work orders for their current lab. If however the "Working Lab" box is unchecked, they will see work orders from all labs, not just the ones they are associated with.  

3) If desired you can Edit Control Security on the "Working Lab"check box to only allow certain users to change it.  The control security as shown below will allow only users that belong to the Administrator or Configuration group to change the setting. 

When a user is related to multiple labs, the following page, displayed a log in, will allow the user to log in to any of his/her assigned labs:

NOTE: If a user belongs to only one lab, it is automatically selected during the log in process and the page above is not displayed. 

Adding the field "Working Facility" to the search criteria will allow testing of the this functionality.   

This same discussion applies to the "Administrative Lab" check box on the Find Work Order page and relates to the work order data in the "Administrative Lab" field. 

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