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P3100 & P3200 DWT - Install o-ring and support ring on low piston

P3100 oil filled hydraulic deadweight tester current models with a 10-mm piston-cylinder assembly are P3111 (single piston), P3123, P3124, P3125 and P3125XT.

P3200 water filled hydraulic deadweight tester current models are P3211 (single piston), P3223 and P3224.

The low piston on the dual piston models is the 10-mm piston. Figure 6-1 in the Operator's Manual shows how this piston-cylinder is assembled. However, if the o-ring and support ring are not installed in a specific sequence the piston will  likely leak. The support ring might alternately be called an anti-extrusion ring.

The correct method is described here, and shown in the video below.

  1. Place the support ring (4) on the piston
  2. Place the o-ring (3) on the piston
  3. Slide the cylinder (2) down onto the piston
  4. Center the o-ring on the support ring, and center both on the bottom of the cylinder
  5. Place the assembly on a hard surface (piston down) and press the cylinder down so the piston is pushed into the support ring. Watch the below video for this step.

Part Number: 3865277
Description: 54-703-12,O-RING VITON 3/8 X 1/16 CROSS-SECTION

Part Number: 3918481
Description: P101820,SUPPORT RING
Notes: 14.3 mm diameter, 1.6 mm height, 12.7 mm ID
           0.563 in diameter, 0.063 in height, 0.5 in ID

The same support ring and o-ring can be used on older model water or oil deadweight testers with a 10-mm piston-cylinder assembly. M1800, M1900, M2000, M2100, M2200, M2800, M2820, M4000, W1800, W2000, W2200. 


Figure 6-1 from the P3100/P3200 Operator's Manual. Link to the manual is here, P3100 and P3200 Operator's Manual




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