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Cables and pressure tubes for molBox/molBloc

The electrical/data cable to go from a molBox channel to a molBloc is part #3068683.

*** This is a standard DB-15 male to DB-15 female in 6ft length if would like to purchase them locally/from another vendor.



Pressure tubes that go from the molBox quick connect pressure ports are part #3069560. This part number will include two pair of pressure tubes (four tubes total) so will have a full set to connect both channel A and B to a molBloc. Each pair has one tube color coded red and another blue to be able to match the color coding on the molBox/molBloc pressure ports to help ensure connected properly. Each will have the self sealing quick connect on each end and come assembled. Since assembly is required by our Production group there can be some lead time for these.

*** If would like to acquire parts locally and make a pair of these tubes on your own most the part can be acquired from other vendors. The tubing used is 1/8in outside diameter x 1/32in inside diameter PFA tubing that is 1 meter / 3.3ft long. (WARNING: This is NOT standard 1/8 inside diameter and you must use this smaller inside diameter tubing ... you must also not exceed 2 meters / 6ft long or can cause measurement errors and we highly prefer to keep these closer to 1 meter / 3ft). The quick connects (with seal/valve) are Swagelok part SS-QM2-D-200. It is important in general to use this exact plumbing. Swagelok will also likely have the tubing mentioned. We use custom heat shrinking to color code each tube red or blue but there are ways to color code them on your own if desired like just adding a label wrapped around the tube.



The pressure tube connections mounted on the back of the molBox are part 3134621. It is rare to need to replace these.

*** If would like to acquire these directly from the OEM they are Swagelok part SS-QM2-B1-200

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