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PG7000/PG9000 AutoFloat/AutoGen with 6270A/8270A/8370A - Setup Notes

The 6270A pressure controller (or 8270A/8370A) can be used to float a PG7601, PG7102, PG9602 or PG9607 piston just like previous generation controllers such as a PPC4. Below are some of the necessary things to setup or things to check if having any issues that might not be obvious using the 6270A controller. The notes below refer to a 6270A controller but the same applies to 8270A and 8370A controllers. However 8270A and 8370A are available with 5 PMM (Pressure Measurement Module) slots or 2 PMM Slots. 6270A always has 5 PMM slots. 

 Hardware Setup:

  • The PG needs to have firmware version v3.1.4.308 or higher to work with the 6270A. It's recommended to have PG firmware v3.1.5.255. See this web page to update the PG firmware, PG7000/PG9000 Ver 3.x Embedded Software
  • A PMM of the appropriate mode (absolute, gauge) needs to be installed in the 6270A. If using one PMM, install it in slot 5 (right-most slot to the left of the Pressure Control Module) of the 6270A. If using two PM Modules, install the higher pressure module in slot 5 and the lower pressure module in slot 4. Most PM600 modules have a lower limit that does not go down to -1 atm and/or low absolute pressure. PM500-BGxxx modules are most often preferred if low absolute or negative gauge pressures are needed because their lower limit is all the way down to -1 atm. PM200 and PM500 modules are limited to the inherent mode they are designed for unless a barometer module is added to the controller. For example, a PM500-BG700K module would only allow operation in gauge mode from -1 atm to 100 psi (700 kPa) if no barometer module is installed. With a barometer module like PM200-A100K installed, the absolute range would be 0 to 115 psia (800 kPa). 
  • Use a null-modem/cross cable to connect the 6270A COM1 to the PG COM3. This is a different cable than would be used with a PPC4.
  • Under menu Setup --> Instrument Setup --> Remote Port --> RS232 Setup,  the Remote IF needs to be set to Computer.
  • When AutoGen is turned on from the PG Terminal, it will change the 6270A to Fixed mode and use the highest range PMM installed. This should suffice for most pressures being set, similar to how an A7M utility sensor might be used on PPC4. If there are lower range modules that are preferred for use, they can be installed and you can switch to Auto mode or a different Fixed mode PM module if desired. However, note that it will change back to Fixed mode and the highest range module anytime AutoGen is initialized.
  • The 6270A will be put in PPC4 Emulation mode when AutoGen is turned on and this should not be changed. This the reason for the higher pressure module being in slot 5 and the lower pressure module being in slot 4.
  • If using an AMH on an older PG base, the AMH remote communications cable connects to PG-COM2. On newer PG bases, the AMH  power and communications are combined to one cable to a dedicated connector on the PG base.

 COMPASS for Pressure Setup:

  • Need to use COMPASS v5 or higher
  • No need to setup 6270A as a Support Device in COMPASS because the Piston Gauge will control it. Ensure that the PG AutoFloat option is selected for Control in the COMPASS Test setup.


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