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FAQ About MET/SUPPORT Gold Warranted MET/CAL Procedures

What version of MET/CAL is used for warranted procedures?

All procedures are developed in the latest available version of MET/CAL. When a specific version of MET/CAL is required, information is included in the procedure header about the minimum required version.

What does it mean that the procedures are "warranted?"

When we state that our procedures are "warranted" we mean that if a defect in the latest version of an original PXE from the MET/SUPPORT Gold site is identified and reported, we will fix the issue and release an updated procedure. As instrument firmware changes, hardware and software become faster, and other conditions change, there are unforeseen influences that can cause procedures that worked during testing to stop working for certain customers. Please report procedure bugs through the normal software support request process, by submitting a software request here on the support website, or via email to The more information you are able to provide about the defect, the easier it will be for us to reproduce and resolve it. Before reporting a defect, please ensure you are using the latest version of the procedure by searching the MET/SUPPORT Gold Procedure Website.

Are the procedures tested with hardware?

While developing MET/SUPPORT Gold Warranted MET/CAL Procedures, we work to ensure that the product you download from the website or receive through a single purchase is a high quality, turn-key solution. Our procedure architecture allows for the re-use of code, reducing development and maintenance efforts. Because of this architecture, not all device under test (DUT) and reference device combinations are tested specifically. We do make a reasonable effort to exercise all code variations by testing with hardware and performing team inspection of the remaining code to ensure that procedures work as expected in all supported configurations.

Are the procedures validated?

While MET/SUPPORT Gold procedures are written to support accredited calibrations, we also write procedures to suit as wide of an audience as possible. In some cases, a lab may have specific quality requirements they must address by configuring their workstation or modifying our procedure to ensure compliance with their local quality policy. Note that modifying the procedure code results in a custom procedure that is no longer warranted by Fluke; we can only warrant the original. In addition, software validation (as required by ISO 17025) must occur in situ using your own computing and hardware environment. This is not something Fluke can perform in advance for a customer. This validation process ensures that your calibration workstation will produce the results expected, even if you use different computing hardware, remote interfaces, software versions, and hardware from what Fluke uses during development and testing.

Can I request the development of a specific procedure?

You can request specific procedures through our online form here:

When will my requested procedure be released?

We prioritize procedure development based on a number of parameters, including whether the procedure was requested by customers and the number of customer requests. The more requests we receive for a specific procedure, the higher it will be placed in the development queue. Unfortunately, we generally cannot provide an estimated time when a procedure will be completed and released as the list is frequently updated to reflect new requests. Providing as much information as possible in your original request can help the team to prioritize it appropriately.

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