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Change to the Manual Template Editing Process in MET/TEAM 2.2.1

New Behavior in 2.2.1

This change came from customer feedback.  Previously, you could add and alter rows of a manual template that had been used for a calibration. In addition, nothing prevented you from selecting the "delete row" option. However, the row was never actually deleted from the template if data had been collected during prior use.  So "delete row" was only useful for templates that had never been used.  

To make the whole process more clear, the functionality was changed. To edit an existing template that has already been used in a work order, you will need to use the "Copy" button from the Template tab.  This allows you to inactivate the old version (for audit purposes) and make changes in a newer version.  In this way, the Manual Template editing process mirrors the editing process for other types of procedures, like PXEs.


Data Check to Handle a Bug in This Change

For information on adding Data Checks, see this article: How to Add a Data Check to MET/TEAM

When this change was implemented, a bug was introduced which prevents existing templates from being set to inactive after making a new copy. While waiting for the next release of MET/TEAM to resolve this bug, a data check can be used to enforce this intention.

The data check, attached to the bottom of this article, is run on the Procedure screen, rather than the Manual Template. After making a new copy of an existing manual template, make a new copy of all procedure records that reference the old template to reference the new version.

In the Copy, adjust the name, version, revision and other fields as appropriate based on your quality policy and then click to choose a Data Sheet (4).

Select Manual Template in the Link To drop down (1) and type the name of the Manual Template you are searching for (2). Then select the newest added template, which will be your new copy.

Then save (1) and close (2) your new procedure record.

Finally, uncheck the Active checkbox (1) on your original procedure and save (2) your updated procedure record and the data check will run to set the previous versions of the manual to inactive.

Some key points to remember when using this data check while waiting for the next release of MET/TEAM to resolve this bug:

  1. The name of your new copy of the Manual Template must match the existing one exactly or the old version will not be set to inactive.
  2. You must inactivate the Procedure record that references the Manual Template being updated or the old version will not be set to inactive.
  3. All of the matching template names other than the most recently added one will be set to inactive by this data check. Making a copy of an existing template will always result in the most recently added template of that name being the new copy.
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