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HC20 Adapters for 2271A and CPS-20M-HC20


Note: These adapters are only for a 2271A pressure controller, or the HC20 version of the CPS-20M (CPS-20M-HC20). The CPS-20M-P3K uses different adapters, see this article, CPS-20M Test Port O-Rings (Contamination Prevention System, 20 MPa)

These adapters are required to run various types of test devices based on their thread type. They allow quick connection of the device without using tools or tape to create a seal.

Each product that uses these adapters comes with a set of them. Additional HC20 adapters are available to order.

Fluke part number 4755386 is an adaptor kit with a hard carrying case and foam cutouts for each adapter. Includes one each of all below adapters as well as spare o-rings.

The below adapters do not include o-rings. 

Fluke part number - Description

4629581 - 1/8 NPT

4629596 - 1/4 NPT

4629543 - 3/8 NPT

4629555 - 1/2 NPT


4629562 - 1/8 BSP

4629570 - 1/4 BSP

4629425 - 3/8 BSP

4629399 - 1/2 BSP


4629537 - M14 X 1.5


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