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PPC4 and PPC4E/PPC4EX Advanced UI Display Replacement

The displays for PPC4 and PPC4E/PPC4EX with the advanced UI have changed from an LCD to LED type due to the LCD version going obsolete by our vendor. The below shows the advanced and basic UI's (displays) for clarification. The info in this article does not apply to the basic UI on the right:



For PPC4's with serial number 1343 and below you will need all the following parts for the conversion. It is possible to modify the metal bracket if want to take on this task on your own:

PN:                         Desc:
4290434                New LED type Display
3367182                Mount Plate/Bracket (it’s possible to modify/notch the original if desired)
4625968                Power cable
4467574                Gasket

For PPC4's with serial number 1343 and above (and all PPC4E controllers) you will only need the display:

PN:                         Desc:
4290434                New LED type Display

Below is an assembly diagram to help visualize the display replacement:


To get part pricing, an official quote sent, or place order can call  +1.877.355.3225 and ask for our Orders group or can reach them through

If you prefer to send the PPC4 controller to us for repair, here are the options for you to setup or request a RMA: 


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